Nothing before 1970′s, yeah I’m picky. Also have short attention span.
Seen most of the “classics”, “The Exorcist”, “The Shining” “Nightmare on Elm Street” series, “Friday The 13th” series etc… As long as it keeps me entertained I’ll watch.

Basically looking for some underrated horror movies or hidden horror movie gems.
@criss, I’ve seen all those movies..

any more suggestions?
@isee clearly lol not sure about sex and the city..other than that good suggestions :P


I have seen A LOT of horror movies,good and bad and it feels like I’ve seen them all,but there have got to be some that I haven’t.I’m looking for a really good one,something really really scary.Any suggestions?Please don’t tell me about anything mainstream,because I’ve probably seen it.


im looking for a really good horror movie to watch! does anyone know one?


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Is it just me or are women more trouble then their worth in action and horror movies? They can’t do much besides shoot and strategise and their complete lack of emotional control far outweighs even that for example.

Scenerio: Zombie apocalypse

Male: Ok just keep very quiet and they shouldn’t hear us then we can move on

Woman: *sob* I’m scared *sob*

Male: Shhhh they’ll hear us it’ll be ok

woman: I can’t do this! i can’t do this!

Male: Keep quiet

Woman: we’re going to die aren’t we *sob* O god…

Male: its going to be ok just be quiet they’re almost out of sight.


(Zombies over run and kill everyone)


I feel like watching a good horror movie. I don’t know what I should watch, so I thought I’d ask what people’s favorite horror movies are to help me out a bit.
I don’t mind watching old movies or foreign movies either.

And by the way, my favorite is [REC]. So good, man.